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Confused:Laptop or a UltraBook???

After all the Discussions on the improvements and enhancements in the mobile phones, we are into some biggies, now that is related to laptops and ultra-books. Now a day’s people are getting confused between the laptops and the ultra-books. Basically the main difference between a laptop and an ultra-book is the size, dimensions, weight etc.  So in this discussion we are going to give a brief description related laptop and ultra-book on the whole.


So let’s get Started with the laptops, as you can see there are loads of laptops which are flooded into a market every year. Out of which we have to say Dell is leading the race and behind is Lenovo, Sony, Acer, and etc. So if you are going to buy a laptop you should remember a few points as a note.


·         Look for mostly Intel processors (i3, i5 or i7) which belongs to the third generation.

·         Memory comes next, generally manufacturer provides 4GB or 8 GB of RAM .Select according  to your requirement.

·         Preferably choose a laptop which has a minimum of 500 GB HDD. But as technology is getting advanced go for 1TB hard disk by increasing your budget.

·         If weight plays an important role, choose a Laptop with less weight so portability becomes easy or go for Ultrabook.

·         Most of the manufacturers provide a graphic card with a minimum of 1 GB graphic card. If you have love towards High End gaming we suggest to grab 2GB graphic card compatible laptop.

·         Ports and plugins have to be checked by you.

Now coming to Ultrabooks they are  future in the field of laptops. In the coming days the laptops are surely going  to be replaced with these ultra-books. So we’d like to suggest you some things.


If you are Willing to buy a laptop we’d like to suggest you something about the cost. If you Are buying a laptop lookout for prices given below

  • Pricing: 25 - 42K: i3 or i5 processor (2ND Or 3Rd Generations), 4 GB RAM, 1 GB Graphic card and 500 GB HDD
  • Pricing: 45 –58K: i3, i5, i7 processor (3Rd Generation), 8 GB RAM, 2 GB Graphic card and 1 TB HDD

 If you are going to buy an ultra-book then you have pay some extra cash compared to a laptop. 40k to 70k bucks  would be the best price to buy an ultra-book. Nothing to worry features will be all the way  same as a laptop.

Conclusion: So we’d Like to say that wait for some more time and let the prices get cut down. There isn't much about Ultrabook except its weight. If you have cash in your pockets then grab Ultrabook to unleash it  
new look and long battery life.

Note: K denotes thousands and the amount is in Indian Rupee.

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