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My little pony is an  animated video series which is mostly loved by the kids and teen girls around the earth. This serial is based on a toy which has been created for the first time 1983.The story is all about a planet where only horse herds reside. Different breeds of horse in the story line are Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Flutter Ponies and Sea Ponies.

My little pony


  • An app developed by :  Egmont Kids Media + onetribe
  • Available on  iPad 2 : Optimized for Apple iPad users
  • Languages : Supported with 21anguages

Who is Celestia: She is one among the princesses in the storyline .

 What's in it &How to play:
my little pony food preparation

  1. Well finally coming to the point , MY little Pony's new series of storybook has been released to the iPad users in the name  A Canterlot Wedding HD .
  2. The book is all about the royal wedding in the kingdom of Canterlot. Princess Celestia is the one who assigns different works to be done.
  3. To unlock the story users got to do different types of interesting tasks like cooking with Applejack, making a wedding gown with Rarity, composing a song with Fluttershy, performing a sonic rainbow with Rainbow Dash, dressing designing, adding colors and arranging a bouquet of flowers with Pinkie Pie. 
  4. This is an exciting story which is very interactive by nature and will be loved by kids mostly.
  5. Users will be gifted with different surprises on completion of task.
  6. Through the activities you can help the ponies create your own personalized version of the wedding  in the way you want to present it.
  7. Without your help , the wedding ceremony cannot be completed. So please help Celestia.
That's how the application really works and we are sure it will bring back your childhood days :)

Download: Here


Final note
  • Would be interesting if all the characters get these type of games.
  • More activities need to be added to the line which will add cream onto the cake where kids can really love.
  • Good to try and to have fun with this application.[book]

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