Android Error :Can't add Google account?

Are you using an Android device?There are few errors which come across while trying to login or Signing up a Google account.
This is quite common in most of the cases as few IP addresses get blocked on their own while granting apps on our devices. Nothing to worry if server is not getting connected as there is a simple way to sort out the problem.

google account android devices

Problems Seen frequently:

  1. Temporary Problem.
  2. Call customer care to sort out the error.
  3. Server not found please try again.
One must root their android device So to grant the authority to access.

After granting root access one must install a file explorer app which is available at market. There are different apps which help you to explore files on your device. [Download: here]
Later copy the downloaded file into your SD card connecting your device through USB cable.

On your device:

  • Install the app and run it.
  • Navigate to the folder "etc"
  • Find a file called "Hosts"
  • Then Change r/w to r/o by clicking it to edit the file [R/w: Read only, R/o: Read and write]
  • Touch and hold the file until you see a popup editor coming onto the screen. [2 IP addresses can be seen on the device]
  • In the second IP address you need to enter the value # before the numbers. Eg: #21. 2.123.1
Note: Few times clearing google account cache may help us.

Later save the modifications and restart your device.
Problem solved:)

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