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What Colors will make your blog popular?

The first question you need to ask yourself is, whom do I want to be popular with? For example, if you want to be popular with teenage boys, then forget colors and concentrate on pictures of hot women. If you want to be popular with young women then try adding vampires that sparkle in the sunlight to your blog. In other words, you are going to have to figure out who you are trying to appeal to first and foremost. Once you have figured that out, then you can start to pick the colors that suit your blog.

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As a side note for people who are interested

The references to the meaning of colors are culture specific. The meanings mentioned here are valid in America, and countries with a similar culture such as Britain, Canada and Australia. For example, where red means urgency in these Anglo-Saxon countries, it means luck in China.

Blue is the color of trust

Have you ever been to a presentation where you are supposed to buy something? Have you noticed how the presenter will tend to wear blue? A nice like sky blue? This is just because it is a good color right? (Oh, how naïve you are). Blue inspires trust, so if you are giving passive advice on your blog, then blue is the color for you.

Red is the color of urgency

It is not the color of sex or danger. It is only the color of sex if it is being worn by someone (think of Jessica Rabbit in the movie who framed Roger Rabbit). It is also not the color of danger, which is what some people have connected because its use on danger signs, etc. Red means urgency and it means pay attention right now, which is why it is used on danger signs. So, if you are thinking about using it on your blog, then use it when you have something urgent that needs saying. Use it for any other reason and you will meet with failure.

Yellow is still the color of happiness

A good and deep yellow is still a big symbol of happiness. If you are going to use this color in your blog then it cannot be used as a pale color, unless you really know what you are doing. Also, remember that yellow is a very distracting color and may distract people from your blog text. Be careful when using this color, and (obviously) use it if your blog post is one of happiness.

White is a sign of purity, but not online

The color white is still one of purity, which has been crowbar-ed into modern society thanks to wedding dresses. White used to be a sign of wealth, and in places such as Iran it still is a color associated with wealth. However, onlinewhite is meaningless. It is the default background of all text and so is not really going to have any effect on the user. On the plus side, if your blog has lots of white space (in the web designer’s terms) then your blog post will be easier to read.

Orange is the new saleable yellow

Offline the color orange is more associated with sunshine and energy. But online it seems to have become the new yellow. People are aware that yellow is a very difficult color to put onto a website. So they started to make it a little stronger and a little darker, until the orange trends were born. Now, you will often find a splash of orange on e-commerce sites for the simple fact that it elicits happiness in the users. 

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