How to connect your Samung Galaxy Note 2 to a HDTV?

Before the procedure is charted down lets us know why we need to connect our smartphone with television?
Answer: -Play HD games on your Smart t.v.
-Watch Movies.
-Surf internet on large display and much more.

samsung note 2 mhl cable

MHL or HDMI adapter for Samung s3 and Samsung note 2:


  1. Samsung Note 2 device.
  2. HDMI cable.
  3. MHL adapter specifically designed for Note 2 and Samsung S3 [Purchase online or visit store]
      Note-[11 pin  HDMI / MHL adapter which is exclusive for Samsung note and Samsung S3]


Note 2 connection with hdtv process

  •  First connect the  MHL adapter cable with usb port in your mobile at one end.
  •  Next Connect the standard HDMI cable in between the adapter and TV .
  •  Later Connect the power cable with MHL adapter which was provided with your phone and plug it into a power outlet.

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