Freecharge Cashback OCTOBER 2014 : Rs 50 off coupon

We thank all our readers for being so loyal and making us grow big & we wish this go on and on forever.We have been blogging mostly about tech related tutorials but from now we want to help you by bringing out latest offers and coupons, so that you can grab out big discounts on every recharge you do.

This Coupons are made available to our Indian Readers starting from Freecharge,Paytm and many others.We assure that the coupons are well tested and updated everyday.
This coupons are for OCTober 2014 [Freecharge coupons are working and well tested]

October 2014 Freecharge coupons updated:

This coupons work only Android  App:) so please use it
[Download Freecharge app if you don't have one, from PlayStore]

Works for new user and also Android APP
1.Rs 50 Cashback  credit which can be found in the credits[Free] after you Recharge at Rs 10 or more[New Users and using Freecharge App]
New Coupons :  updated 

October 5th 2pm

freecharge coupons

Use debit or credit card 
October cash back coupons on freecharge


2. RQPK2E7

2.Freecharge Rs50 cashback on Rs 100 Recharge  using Freecharge app [Android]
Coupon Code : IRF14 [now expired]

3.This recharge coupons is exclusively for Widnows mobile User.
Rs.30 Cashback on Rs.30 Recharge [Freecharge Windows App]
Coupon : WINDOWS30

4.This works on any devices and on PC[Old & New]
10% Cashback on Recharge using VISA Debit / Credit Card :
Coupon :VISA10

5.For Kotak Bank users only
Coupons :KOTAK30 [30percent off]

If,Coupons get expired please let us know,We will be updating from time to time.
So from now ,We started taking care of your money :) on every recharge you do.

How to do an Untethered Jailbreak on 7.1 / 7.1.1 / 7.1.2 ?

Finally there is an un-tethered jailbreak on iOS  7.1 / 7.1.1 / 7.1.2 which is made available for free,it doesn't even cost a pie and all thanks to PANGU jailbreak team from China.


 This is tested and works brilliant.So,there is nothing to worry or search again on Google :P 
Cause we have already confirmed the process on our devices .


Cydia tweaks are working in a proper way ,where you  can add repo's and download the files easily.
Phones aren't getting  crashed out, battery is just stable and touch is just the same.Works flawless on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5Gen. One Click .

What does it all take?

-First of all its free
-Takes around 10 minutes
-PANGU package.


  *Windows version of Pangu jailbreak is safe and does not contain any malware.* - DEVELOPERS


Download Pangu Jailbreak package here [windows   N  mac]

Connect your device running on iOS 7.1.1/7.1.2 to your computer using the cable.
[Phone, iPad, iPod Touch]

Open and Run Pangu file on Windows PC. 

Click the "Start Jailbreak" button. (checkbox must be unchecked)

ON your device

 Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > disable the Set Automatically toggle.

 Enable date:  June 2, 2014.

Jailbreak Utility will start. Wait till you find the Pangu app icon in the app tray on y

Open Pangu icon on Home Screen.[on your device]

Continue the process which takes 5 minutes.

Done, you should see a “enjoy your new jailbreak message” notification on the screen.

You can see Cydia installed on your device :)

That's it ,have fun!Install what you like using different repo  [How to]

NOTE: SET your time [Automatically Update]

How to fix “no sim card installed” on iPhone 5s,5?

Apple delivered great devices but there are few glitches which kept on adding.One such error is NO SIM CARD INSTALLED.We have come across many mails stating with the above issue .To considerate the issue as a core problem ,we are writing out this solution which will be really useful.

no sim card ios

If you are among the users who are facing “no sim card installed” error on iPhone 5/5s,then there isn't nothing to worry about.

1.Go to settings --- Toggle Airplane mode On and Off.

2. Restart your device if the error still keeps worrying.

3.. Take out the SIM card from your iPhone  by using a safety pin/Paper clip

 kind off a thing which fits in.
[ check out whether the SIM is in good condition]

5.If the error continues then try to restore the device.

[Connect your device to the PC,Open iTunes and try to update the device to the latest version]


This Works like a charm!

If you feel SIM is the problem?Then clean SIM card with an alcohol prep swab.
A little bit of cotton and alcohol will do the trick.Let it dry and re-insert the SIM back.


With respect to 5th point

  • Do only if your device is factory unlocked,Don't update your device if you are using a R-SIM]
  • Keep in mind whether the device is jail-broken or  Factory unlocked device :)

If problem persists,contact or visit Apple store.

Looking for a custom software development?

Running a company? Need to develop a software for your business?Don't have software developers in your lobby?Then you must be in a search for developing a custom software with a dedicated team of developers?

If so, then you are at the right place to get your work done!
Think once, do you need the best in business to convert your perfect ideas into a  business software?If your answer is yes,then you got to check out one of the oldest and prominent company which is into custom software development and consulting services.

SoftElegance USA  is a Houston based software development outsourcing company, specializing in sophisticated business software and SaaS solutions which was founded in 1993.

SoftElegance USA offers it's custom software development services for the following industries:

  1. Oil and Gas;
  2. Drilling;
  3. Manufacturing;
  4. Engineering.

Work offered to the clients:

 SaaS systems, sophisticated web portals, applications,business processes automation and much more.

Technology used by the Expert team :

  • Software-as-a-Service, Service-Oriented Architecture, Single-page applications;
  • .NET Framework: ASP.NET MVC and Web forms;
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript libraries, Front-end frameworks;
  • Hosting solutions: Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Virtual and Dedicated Servers;

The company has been serving many clients with an awesome feedback list.Most of the clients with SoftElegance USA were already listed on the FORTUNE 500.

Why choose SoftElegance USA?

-Improve your  business efficiency with added effectiveness in the system.
-Thorough interaction with clients and  communication with employees for a quicker feedback.
-Fastest service at a flexible pricing.

For more information please visit and place your request :

How to fix safemode error on android kitkat device?

Recently, I had an updated on my device to the kitkat version which resulted in a silly error stating safe mode. I tried a few methods to come out from the safe mode screen but all the results were utterly frustrating as it couldn't be fixed.So, I finally went through a few forums and could trace out the error and it's fixture which is quite easy.It can be solved using a few tricks which will make your device come out from safe mode.

So, please hold on with patience and try out the possible methods which can bring out the phone from safe mode.

Here are the list of methods you can try on your own.
Now don't let me say it's a trail and error? method :P

1.Reboot the device

This is the easiest of all and most of the people really got their devices normally working by just turning off the device and restarting it back.

2.Battery Pullback

Secondly, try to remove the battery and replace it back then just try to restart the device back which is either a simple trick to make the device run back normally[Error :try to remove and replace the SIM back]

3.Hard Reset 

  • Turn off the device 
  • Boot the device in Recovery mode.[PRESS AND HOLD VOLUME UP + Home Button + Power ]

Note: Entering into recovery is different from device to another so,please try to find out the method of combination by searching it in Google]
Eg: Search "How to boot Motorola G in recovery mode" 

  • In Recovery mode, scroll down to Wipe data/factory reset by using your Volume Down key and select it by pressing the Power button.

Note: Power button acts as selecting an option in the recovery mode.
Select Yes – to  delete all user data by pressing Power button as mentioned earlier.

  • Then go back to the main menu and reboot your device by selecting the appropriate option called as reboot the device by using the power button.

I'am sure that any one of the procedures mentioned above will work on the device based on the version your are using as the error "safe mode" may be due to various reasons.