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How To Fix "REG99-Unable to connect" error  on Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Fix "REG99-Unable to connect" error on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 got launched with different versions in almost all the continents.Depending on the network provider,phones are customized according to the network bandwidth.

Well the error "REG99-Unable to connect" is only seen on T-mobile network as it's a bit different from the international version.

Error REG99- Unable to connect

It's an error directly related to Wi-Fi calling in the android system.

error "REG99-Unable to connect"

Problem faced by our blog readers :

Rachel :

I have been using WIFI calling since I got my Samsung galaxy  S5 and for the most part it has worked like a charm.  From past few days  I have been getting a weird error "REG99 - Unable to connect" quite repeatedly which is a bit annoying.  I've tried a few different WIFI networks from open network source to WEP security but nothing din't really work.

 If I reboot the device then it  normally connects, and stay connected for a while but eventually it comes back and creates the same issue again and again as a loop.

Disclaimer : So after going  through the problem, I understood the glitch and came up with a solution which  may work on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Procedure :

Switch off the device.

Press and hold the following three buttons simultaneously: 
  • Volume Up key
  • Home key
  • Power key

When the phone vibrates, let go of the Power key but hold on to press Volume up button + and the Home key until you see a Android recovery screen.

Use Volume Down key to highlight 'wipe cache partition.'

Press the Power key to select  wipe cache partition.

 Reboot system now' is highlighted.

Press the Power key to restart the device.


From T-Mobile:
That's it.This should fix the problem.If it doesn't you need to wait for an official Android update which will be fixing this "REG99-Unable to connect" error.

How to fix dead Moto G device?

How to fix dead Moto G device?

Motorola had lost its shine in almost all the markets since 2008 when the Android era started to hit smartphones.After a long pause, Motorola made a rollback with Moto G,Moto E and Moto X in different price tags to reach out for the customers around the globe.

Moto G is substantially the most successful device in the mid range android devices from Motorola, as it has got all the features starting from quad-core processor to 1GB and IPS LCD display.Well,Most of the people are impressed with its bold looks and a decent camera to handle daily needs.

moto g charger


Charging is one of the drawback in this device.If the device is drained out from charge then it takes a bit time to charge.It really is frustrating if the device doesn't turn on.So,if you come across this problem,then try to fix MOTO G with below mentioned tutorial to fix it.


  • Plug-in wall charger to the device. 
  • Hold the VOL (-) key first
  • Keep holding the VOL (-) key, press and hold the POWER key[Simultaneously vol (-) & POWER button]
  • Hold them for 3 minutes long.After a while release the keys.[Continue holding until you see a white screen with battery symbol on the display]
  • Your device, MOTO G comes with a Boot system on the display.
  • Select the option normal reboot[For selecting the option, volume (+) is used]
  • Press the VOL UP key and device reboots in few seconds.

This procedure should fix the problem,if it doesn't then make sure to check the battery and visit Motorola customer care to replace the battery.

Note :
  1. Before trying this method ,make sure to charge the device through wall  charger for 30 minutes, if the device is kept from charge since a long while.
  2. Sometimes holding only power button alone for a minute can fix the problem[plug in charger]

"No Sim Card'' error in HTC One M8?

"No Sim Card'' error in HTC One M8?

HTC One M8  is a new release and stands out as a tough competitor in the high end segment where its packed up  with a snapdragon 801 processor , 3GB RAM and a 5-inch display. It has got all the bold metallic looks which makes it different and unique.

Last week,one of my friends has bought this phone and was more than contented using it.He either compared it with the mighty iphone 5S,Nevertheless the rival between Apple and Android keeps on going when two different mindsets  collide to form a judgement on the best phone till date.

HTC one m8

"As the time travels into the future either  the war between operating system continues"

Well,I'am moving apart from the main reason why I'am discussing all these stuff.Hmm, the same friend came to me yesterday and pointed out an error saying that the phone 
 doesn't detect the SIM either after placing it in a proper way.

So this confirms that either  HTC one M8  has a few errors which need to be sorted out.

How to Fix HTC One M8 "No SIM card error" in an easy way?

Before fixing the problem I suggest you to check whether the SIM card is in a good condition or not?

1, After confirming the SIM is in right condition[ If it's in bad condition: Try to clean the SIM card using a little alcohol]

2. Clean the SIM tray properly.

3. Try to play around with Airplane mode cause few phones get stuck in sleep mode not detecting mobile network signals.

4.Either after trying all the above possible ways,Contact/Reach out HTC customer service and under guarantee the Company will be replacing  HTC SIM tray which is the major issue for not detecting the SIM.

NOTE: Where ever the signal strength is weak,this device comes with "No SIM CARD"  which is a bit annoying :c

Hope HTC replace the devices which can't be fixed with the changing the SIM tray.



As the technology keeps upgrading, errors keep increasing on their own.Reasons may be many such as wrong installation of apps,code getting corrupted,app meant for only specific model installed on your device and many such.Sometimes due to low RAM errors keep popping on to the screen.No matter how well the phone software comes with, there will be some sort of glitch which disturbs the user.Well I'am talking about a serious issue called ANDROID PROCESS ACORE which creeps on to the screen  all the time.

If your android device has a problem in the above mentioned way,then please make sure to learn how to fix it in an easy procedure which is jotted down.


*Few methods can solve this problem,choose which is appropriate.

Method 1.
[Appropriate if the error is due to G-mail / other mails]

  1. Go Settings
  2. Applications
  3. Manage Applications
  4. Filter > All
  5. Email
  6. Clear Data

Method 2.
[Appropriate if the error is due to network]

1. Turn off the  Phone
2. Remove the Sim Card carefully from the device.
3. Restart your device without the Sim Card.
4. Search for Network[With out sim,Phone normally search for networks]
5. Select Automatic
6. Switch Off Phone
7. Insert Sim back into the phone and restart the device.

Above are normal solutions  which can fix the android process error but if it doesn't get fixed?then the only option left is deleting few 3rd party apps from your device [i.e the recent apps which are installed before getting the error as they may be the cause]

If that's the reason then it could be due to the system configuration support on your phone which create disturbance to the graphic output,compatible format output etc.

Have fun!

How to connect blackberry z10 to a HDTV?

How to connect blackberry z10 to a HDTV?

Well it's been a long time writing down an article as i was around books since i had an examination.Now I finally found out  my time to write an article about connecting Blackberry z10 to a HDTV.I see a little explanatory  available on internet  when it comes to blackberry devices.If your one kind of geek who is hanging around with a z10 then this is an exclusive post which gotta be an useful guide in understanding
 "how to connect your device to a HDTV."

Pictorial form :

hdmi cable to micro hdmi

The procedure is very easy to be applied while connect your device to the television.First of all you need few accessories which I'am gonna list them out.

1.Micro HDMI to HDMI cable[Buy here]
2. Obviously a HDTV and your Device.


1.Micro HDMI cable end into the mobile port which is on the right side on your device[Z10]
2.Other end of the cable goes back into the TV's HDMI port

As soon as you connect the Device,Turn on your TV you can find the mirror of your phone on the Wide HDTV.

Have fun!

  • This cable can run 1080HD movies and games.
  • Runs both audio and video in perfect sync.

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