How to choose a right college in India?

Today,I am here to write down something unusual yet an important article on education which is must and essential in every person's life.By the above lines, you should understand that the post is all about choosing a right course in a ranked college which you want to get in.

choose college |india

So, if you are getting into your main stream course make sure, you understand and explore the right information online or from a group of intellectuals.Luckily,I found a right website while goggling last week,where I suggested all my cousins to go through before going into main stream graduation,post graduation. Most of the students get confused opting  the right career choice out of commerce,science,agriculture,marketing and etc.Students and parents keep counting the time,money in almost all the career options  which they opt for.

I want to personally suggest my readers that what ever path you choose,the ideas and ambitions must be clear,clean and must have a meaning while applying in a practical approach.

If you are one such student or parent confused?to choose a  right college?then 
Collegedunia,is the right place to get your questions answered by setting your preferences in different fields starting from science,management,engineering,law,arts,marketing and etc.

I had went through Top Agriculture Colleges in India as one of my friend wanted to get into B.Sc[agri] but was worried to find out the right college with in his Geo-area location and finally Collegedunia made things easy to show almost all the colleges in relevant list.

This website din't just help my friends but either one my cousin cleared his +12 and was searching for Commerce Colleges in India as he wish to do B.Com[hons] from Delhi with a fair amount of fee with in his limits. Collegedunia did really help  giving refined results based on fee,area,ranking,part/full time, affiliated university and etc.

Inspire to get educated from a right channel and make sure you get all the required information from 
Collegedunia,which is unique,brilliant in bringing right options to choose from.

"Get educated and Enlighten the Nation."

How to Fix battery issue on ios 8.2?

I wish every-time there is an update there will  be some help with my iPhone battery back up but it never really happened till date.Although my iPhone 6+ really gives a decent backup , I always wish a bit extra with battery juice that helps when my phone is about to die.If you are one such guy looking to boost the iPhone 6+ battery life,my simple tutorial will help you.Get into the procedure as mentioned below.

How to fix battery on iPhone 6/6+ ?

Foremost thing to do if, you are facing excess battery drain.It's not rocket science but just a line to understand
- " Location Service need to be turned of,never turn on background apps which sucks lot of battery on 3G network and finally adjust your brightness on screen."

I insist you to adopt the below trick just after you update to the latest iOs version.

However, I usually precede that fix with a battery drain (Use the device completely till it gets turned off, then plug into charger, wait until it restarts, switch off, wait  for about 180 minutes , turn on the device and check it's fully charged i.e 100% then reboot the device again.Sounds funny,but it really works cause I have been doing this with my iPhone 4s and either after updating my iPhone 6+ to  iOs 8.2 it did really work perfectly.

Turing it into a single word it's called as battery calibration which every iPhone user got to do it in a regular interval[6months]

Note: If,things don't really work then make sure to replace the battery from authorized dealer but before doing it,make sure to confirm the standard battery life with your colleagues or friends.Sometimes,Apple update may fix the bugs.

How to fix low voice on calls in an Iphone 6/6 plus?

Hi readers, recently I got an iPhone 6 plus device which is big & brilliant to handle almost everything but there is an unusual issue with my voice during the calls, initially I thought it was a network issue with my service provider as signals were too low in that particular area but however it continued with low voice either in a good network area which has 3G bandwidth available. I called my customer care and got an answer that there is no network coverage problem when i explained my part of story.Literally for a second I thought my nano SIM was out of working condition.

Q.What is low voice on calls error in an iPhone?

Whatever sh""T you speak during the call will be heard in a low or high volume.It acts like frequency chart where sometimes things really turn out blank :(

Ios 8 voice|BUG|Error voice low\

After a few days, I felt there would be a software or hardware glitch which got to be adjusted.For a moment , I even thought I was delivered a bad device but later checking into its hardware everything was perfect.It kept annoying me cause its a basic functionality in any phone.

I couldn't take up this iphone 6+ voice error and considered myself to solve it, cause reading out many boarders and forums,  I came to know many iphone 6,6+,5s users had a similar problem with low voice issue during voice calls just like me.

Well,I din't understand whether I need to be happy that its a common issue for almost all the people or I need to regret nothing could help me out nor others :C

After doing abit of research i found out this simple trick  on how to fix the voice error problem in an iPhone.

It doesn't need any technical knowledge except using an iPhone. :P

1.From Main menu-Go to settings.
2.Under settings-Go to General.
3.Under General-Go to Accessibility.
4.Under Accessibility-With in hearing.

Turn off Mono Audio And Phone Noise Cancellation.

That's it! It will fix the problem with in no time.If you are still facing the problem ,contact Apple service center where you got to fix your Mic as its a culprit which need to be replaced soon :P

MADADSMEDIA review and payout?


First of all,We never review on ad-networks but as we are  into blogging for awhile, we just want to help the blogosphere know what these ad-network sharks are upto .After a thorough study on the ecpm and page impression using Madadsmedia,we came up with what we got at the end.

It's so easy to get into this network by just submitting the blog url.
It requires just a decent traffic.
Make sure the domain has a high end extension such as .org , .com and etc.
The account activates in 2-3days on an average.

we don't want to talk any s""t about the requirements cause we aren't promoting this network.We just want you to know the facts and figures.

What you earn with MADADSMEDIA?

This is an honest review after looking into everything.

The company claims the highest CPM rate in the business of advertising. We ran over 10000 ad impressions. This network gave us a dollar.We had made an email to the to let them know how the money had rained upon us where we ended up giving loan to a nearest bank.
They responded us in no time and told us they would look into the problem to fix the issue. More than a month now ,we never got a reply from the big ad-network.
So, now MadAds is the official goddess of money. Thank you for sucking out the hard work of bloggers around the globe.


At the end ,We DO NOT recommend using MadAds Media, if you want to earn revenue with your website or blogs/forums.Better work hard with the content and SEO which can make money out of affiliate marketing or with someother ad-networks.

MADadsmedia will surely make you mad by checking out the earnings report.

If, you still want to check out madAds that's upto mad mates :P
Have a hard earned penny stay with you.

How To Fix USB device not recognized In Windows 7, 8.1,8

Fix USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 7, 8.1,Xp

 When you plug in an USB device to a PC, sometimes the device comes up with an error stating" USB not recognized".You may try out other port whether to see the USB device connected is working properly or not.We can't really say whether our operating system got corrupt or the USB device or the cable.right?


What causes an USB not getting recognized?

1.Primarily,please check whether the cable which has been connected is in a proper condition or not?
[Buy USB cable at cheapest price]
2. Check whether the port is in working condition.You can try a working pen drive to test the port status.
3. Check whether the drivers to the connect device are installed properly.
4.If,you find the driver's software corrupt,try to repair or re-install the software.
5.Finally,if everything is proper then try to install your operating system by taking a backup of all your files.

How to fix " USB Device not recognized error"?

1.On desktop, use combination of “Windows” + “R” to open run command box from start option.
2.Enter  “devmgmt.msc” 
3.This will open the Device manager[Alternatively,right click on "My Computer" icon to open "Device Manager"]
4.Click on the arrow marked symbol to open “Universal Serial Bus controllers” which is down below in the options.
5.Right click on each and every USB port  to uninstall them.
6.Reboot the computer to get the drivers installed properly.[No need of any CD]
7.If your using a laptop then try to remove the battery and replace it after two minutes.

That's it! After some time plug in your USB cable which should now work in a proper way.

How to enter into developer mode in an Android device?

Why to enter into a developer mode in an Android phone or tablet?

  • It allows user to  access ADB settings, USB debugging.
  • Force-Enable FXAA For OpenGL Games.
  • Speed up and disable the boring animations.
  • Show Always-On-Top CPU Usage.
  • You may need it to root your device,install custom Rom's,tweak some tools but altogether its funny/different in making your device controlled by the commands set by you.

developer mode$android

However, in almost all the android devices coming later with 4.2 and above versions are hiding the option called developer mode.By default it comes with your device software but it can be found only after doing the things in the below mentioned process.Google wanted not to disturb the operating system so, the things are well designed to maintain a proper user interface option in the settings from menu.

Well after all the story ,we are here to list out the process to enter your device into a developer mode.

  • From Main menu go to Settings
  • Scroll down till you find "About phone"
  • Touch/hit the Build number field 7 times or more 
  • Finally you get to see the developer option

Apply all the things which are required to do a particular task or for customization.
Finally make sure not to tamper your warranty which helps you to get the device repaired, when things go wrong :P 

How to copy contacts from iOs/iphone to an Android phone?

Let me assume that you are here to read out a post on how to copy contacts from iOs to an Android operating system.So,I'm sure you are confused on  how  the contacts from an iCloud backup can be copied onto Google mail account.Right?

Contacts-Addressbook-android to apple contacts

Well,Let me be clear,there is an easy way to move/copy the contacts from iPhone to other Android phones such as Moto,Samsung,LG and etc.There are a few applications which are made available in both the application stores to carry out the copying process.

But in this post we don't  use any applications to transfer the contacts.We want to jot down the procedure in a mannered way by just using iTunes & Google account.

Doubts in your head?Make it clear by reading out the below lines.
  • Yes,this works with more than 1000+contacts
  • Different operating system but it works as a glimpse.
  • Takes just a few minutes[Depends on your hand moves :P]

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to an android device on 4.4,5.0 ?[kitkat/lollipop]

Things you need to have:

1.Internet connection
2.Google account
3.iTunes updated version

Procedure :
  • Open iTunes on your PC/Laptop from the programs list.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC/Laptop via USB cable/lightning cable.
  • From the menu bar tap on Info tab.
  • Tick  the box near to “Sync contacts With” and then from the drop down menu select or tap on “Google Contacts” which is available.
  • Enter your  Google account id/G mail id and password that will allow you to sync or update the contact list.
  • Click on Apply button which will allow iTunes to sync your contacts to Google account.
  • Later part : Setup up your new android phone by giving the Google account details [id and password]
  • Finally sync mails,calenders and contacts with your device.
That's it,You can find all the contacts being copied onto your phone.Hope this tutorial helped you through the process.Thank you.

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