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How to Hide "LAST SEEN Notification" in Whatsapp

It's been days since Facebook bought Whatsapp at a mammoth price of $19 Billion dollars, which stands out among the costliest deal in recent times. Acquired at a high priced most of users would be the thinking what's next?

Well, there are many things which need to be listed out.

  1. Will it start advertising?
  2.  Will it turn to be a paid app? 
  3. How can it beat out other competitors? 
  4. What are the extra features that are going to fit next?


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How to fix virtual memory warning in Windows 8.1?

Microsoft has come up with a new upgrade to its existing windows 8 operating system to fix  a few bugs where most of the people have worried about.Looking into its latest upgrade there isn't a big change to notify .Well, if you have upgraded your PC and encountered a problem  stating "Virtual memory is low" then this post is a must read on your list.

We will be instructing you out with a procedure to follow, better on the safe side please make sure to restore your PC.
virtual memory
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Fix : iTunes crashes

I have listened since few days that iTunes is getting crushed on numerous forums. Newer version of iTunes always comes up with enhanced options added with few free bugs :)
Well, I noticed the crash in windows 8.1 and has been continued for a long time, but finally I found a little tweak which one need to follow if its the same case with you.


I came across different problems, including a moment of freeze while transferring data and auto shutdown. Well the problems are infinite in number, but a simple solution can rip them off.

Please make sure to follow the instruction below to "fix  iTunes 11 in your windows 8 operating system."

  • Before beginning the procedure make sure to shut down the running apple iTunes application.

Step A.

  1. Go to  C  drive [i.e the path where you installed your O.S]
  2. Open program files---iTunes.
  3. In iTunes folder make sure to copy the file QTMovieWin.dll .
Make sure to follow the step B

Step B.

  1. Go to  C  drive [i.e the path whee you installed your O.S]
  2. Open program files---Common files---Apple----Apple Application Support
  3. Now in Apple application support folder ,paste the file QTMovieWin.dll .[i.e the same file as mentioned in step A]

Open iTunes now without any glitch, it will work super awesome.

1.Program files (x86) in windows 8 PC .
2.Program files or program files (x86) ,depending on the version it varies.

This is the way to fix iTunes 11 crashes,hope you found the article interesting.
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How to : remove multi-tagged photos on FACEBOOK?

It's been a long time writing a post on social networking niche, well today I  am going to set you free from all the photos which got tagged in Facebook unnecessarily. It really annoys if someone tag's a photo with your name and you find a crap of a celebrity or a funny cartoon in it. Ironically, it could be your friend who brings you into the photo. There may be many factors but at the end of the day, people sum up to a photo to drive traffic to a particular post and make it go viral all the way.


Is one among the readers, who want to break out and clean up the wall with no tags? Then here comes the simple and plain trick to do so.


  • Get into the Facebook account by way of signing in.
  • Go to your profile page.
  • Click on Activity Log button which is like a hover on the cover photo.
  • On the left stick menu, click on photos and then photos of you.
  • You will get to see all the images which are tagged with.
  • Select the images which are unnecessary to you.
  • After selecting photos, on the top layer menu, you get to see an option called Report/Remove Tag.
  • Report/remove tag and select the option, I want the photo untagged.

That's it! Have a clean and clear wall :) in a single shot.
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How to enable airdrop on your iPhone?

For all the readers on my blog, its a new start wishing you all the very best. Getting into our core topic, lets 
learn how to transfer files at high speed on iDevices.

iphone airdrop

After you jailbreak your iDevice,its time to sniff for the best tweaks available to enhance the performance 
and to change the user interface.

Airdrop is a sharing technique which uses both wifi+bluetooh technologies to transmit the data at lightening speed.
Why miss the speed? If you own a jet? kewl.

How to add a repo in your iPhone?

  • Open Cydia from the app tray.
  • Find the manage option
  • Then go for an edit, add the repo source:

Finally save the source. Now search for the Airdrop Enabler 7 in from the search tool option.
After you find the app, just install and then reboot the device.
Now in the share panel you get to see airdrop option along side. That's it have fun using Airdrop!

  • It's like NFC technology but can't be compared to Airdrop.
  • This can help you transfer photos,contact and music.
  • Can't transfer  files between MAC and iOS .
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Untethered Jailbreak on iOs 7.0.x

For all the Apple freaks out there, here it is the best Christmas gift which you would by craving for...

Devices running on  7.o.x gets an untethered jailbreak.
All thanks to evasi0n who made it possible to go through and exploit the bootrom.
Of course took a long time but they came out in a different mood by sending out a special gift on the eve.

By far this is the best JB ever made.


  • IPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch
  • Pre-installed and updated iTunes must 
  • A device running on is 7.0.x to 7.0.4 [Go to about option in your device to verify the firmware version]
  • Lastly a USB cable in a working condition :)

  1. Go to 
  2. Download the file depending on your OS.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully.

That's it! A jailbroken Device in your palm  \m/ wonderful, isn't it?

The process has been just a child's play where it takes less than 5minutes to complete the JB successfully.
This JB can be done via PC/laptop on both windows and MAC operating systems.

Note: If you're stuck at 6.1.3 ---set up yourself free and fly on to the latest version 7.0.4
Before you Jailbreak the device , make sure to backup all your stuff so they can be safe and restored back.
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